5 Pearls of Wisdom to help you Maximise your Massage

 5 Pearls of Wisdom to help you Maximise your Massage

5 Pearls of Wisdom to help you Maximise your Massage

Last week we wrote about ‘How to get the best from your Treatment’ … Some sage advice on what you can do during your massage to get the most out of your time on the table and help maximise what we can do for you through Remedial Massage Techniques. However, it is always very important to understand and remember that treatment doesn’t stop at the end of your massage.

When it comes to ‘being the best you can be’ and ‘living to your peak potential’, you can’t just give control to someone else. Your body is your responsibility and by taking ownership of how you care for it empowers you to achieve your goals – whatever they may be.

If you really want something to happen – you need to take charge and be in control. We can provide the tactile techniques to help your body repair and respond, but you need to drive the follow-up to achieve your end goal. We always encourage our clients to adopt this mind-set with regards the condition of their bodies, and so Jacob has listed 5 Pearls of Wisdom that you can do for yourself that can help you get the most from your Remedial Massage.

  1. Hydration
  2. Epsom salts bath
  3. Self-care advice
  4. Recover
  5. Re-book


  1. Hydration … ensure you are drinking enough water (not Sports drinks, or anything else – WATER!)

Did you realise that massages can and will dehydrate your body?

The reasoning behind this comes back to all that pushing and squeezing your therapist has done – the physical aspect of Remedial Massage Techniques can push fluid out of your muscles.

Re-hydrating after your treatment will help your body replenish that fluid, as well as assisting to flush metabolic waste through your system. Ultimately making you less sore from a firm treatment.


  1. Epsom salts bath …   as discussed in our first Blog Article.

An excellent way to bolster the benefits gained after a treatment is to have a warm Epsom Salts bath – and not only for the relaxing nature of the bath itself.

Epsom Salts is high in Magnesium which, when dissolved in a bath, can be absorbed through the skin. Magnesium can work as a muscle relaxant to help prevent cramping & spasming, but it also assists the exchange of metabolic waste across membranes so they can be evacuated from the body … sort of like an internal muscle cleanser at cellular level.

A good warm soak after a treatment is great – but an Epsom Salt soak is even better! We offer a Free Bag of Epsom Salts with every treatment here at Hand from.


  1. Self-care advice …   stretching and the like.

A very important part of any treatment is the advice you get from your therapist for After Treatment Self-Care. We can’t fix you without YOUR help.

Remedial Massage Techniques can ease aches by releasing tensions & Trigger Points, and improve flexibility by lengthening muscles & fascia … but if you leave clinic and continue doing the same old things that brought you to us in the first place, we have achieved very little and the benefit will be short lived. This is where stretching and self-care comes in …

“help me help you”Jerry Maguire

Every therapist should give you some advice on how to look after your body between treatments. This can include stretches, trigger point ball techniques, foam rolling or even conscious thought towards posture corrections.


  1. Recover … Give your body time to heal

Another fitting quote – “It won’t happen overnight … but it will happen” – Pantene

You can’t hit a refresh button on your body so expect that your body will need some time for recovery after a Remedial Treatment just like after a workout or a run.

Just like working out at the gym – when you get a firm Remedial Massage, muscles develop small micro tears. This by design stimulates your body into the healing cycle which is the reason massage works so well. This can take some time though, and you should expect to have a some muscular ache for 1-2 days after a heavy treatment.


  1. Re-book …   just like the song says – “once is never, ever Enough … it’s just NOT ENOUGH!”

One of the best ways to improve and maintain good health is keeping a regular self-care routine, and this includes massage. So before you leave – book your next treatment! We are all guilty of letting it go a little too long between massages, but if you book in before you leave it encourages you to take that time for your own mental and physical health.

It is always good to remember our in-house Loyalty Reward Discount too … an automatic $10 saving to you, just by coming back to this clinic within 28 Days (that’s 4 weeks – not 1 month) of your most previous massage. You don’t need to see the same therapist every time – you can change up the length of your massage too (30/45/60/90 minutes) each time you come in – but you must come back to this clinic within 28 Days to get the discount.

Starting your own journey to better health can be daunting with websites and articles full of information (which isn’t always that great). We have a great knowledge base here at Hands from Heaven and are happy to not only give amazing treatments but answer your questions too … If we don’t know – we will find out, or at least help you find someone who does know.