Kinesiology taping

Kinesiology taping – a gentle approach to pain management

Kinesiology Taping, also known as K Taping is a less aggressive approach to pain Management and Resolution. Taping and Strapping are frequently seen as interchangeable in conversation, but there is a significant difference between the two techniques.

Sports Strapping uses rigid tape to support joints and prevent injury during sport – the focus with strapping is to stabilise a joint and restrict the available Range of Motion (ROM) so that the likelihood of injury is reduced.

Kinesiology Taping | Brisbane | Hands From Heaven
Kinesiology Taping | Brisbane | Hands From Heaven

Kinesiology Taping uses elastic tape that is very flexible and comfortable to wear – the focus with K Tape is to disrupt the pain receptors in the skin, allowing your body to function with reduced pain sensation while your body repairs the condition. K Tape can be applied to almost any region of the body, and appropriate tape position has shown significant success in relieving tension headaches! Please talk to us about this if you would like to understand more.

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If you’re looking for a Brisbane clinic that offers kinesiology taping, you’ve found it! Our team of experienced professional massage therapists have been helping people with pain management since we opened our Brisbane clinic in 2007.

Along with Kinesiology Taping, we offer professional therapeutic massages: Remedial Massage and Manual Lymphatic Draining Massage. You don’t need to be in pain to visit us, why not come in for a Relaxation Massage. We also offer Trigger Point Release therapy.

It’s easy to fit us in to your schedule because we’re open 7-days a week and close only 5 days a year (Good Friday, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day). Our regular business hours are:

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