Manual lymphatic drainage massage

A manual lymphatic drainage massage can assist with chronic tissue swelling

The lymphatic system in the body is a network of vessels and nodes that help maintain balance of tissues and the blood, removing toxins, bacteria, excess proteins, and hormones from the body. When the lymphatic system is not functioning correctly (often after specific types of surgery), a manual lymphatic drainage massage (MLD) can assist your body to move excess fluid to the venous system where it can be excreted naturally.

A manual lymphatic drainage massage is a non-invasive skin massage technique that is used to promote lymph drainage. Most commonly, it is used to treat the condition of Lymphedema (lymphatic obstruction) or chronic tissue swelling. This is a technique that is practised worldwide in hospital and clinic settings. Done correctly, it’s results can be fast and long lasting.

A manual lymphatic drainage massage can be performed on the head and neck, arm, hand, abdominal area, hip, pelvis, leg, and foot. Some of the diseases manual lymphatic drainage massage can be used for are Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, glandular fever, Lyme disease, Lupus, immune disorders, secondary lymphatic disorders, primary lymphatic disease, and Eczema.

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Manual lymphatic drainage massage is gentle and painless. We treat every client on a case by case basis. Talk to your therapist about any lymphatic issues you have, and we can recommend the best course a of treatment for you.

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