Pregnancy Massage

Get a pregnancy massage by a qualified Brisbane massage therapist who has experienced pregnancy

Pregnancy massage (also known as a prenatal massage) is the term given to treatments that are tailored specifically to the pregnant client.  Throughout pregnancy the body undergoes immense change in order to support the growing foetus and prepare for birth.  Massage treatment can assist with relieving symptoms ranging from leg cramps, lower back and pelvic discomfort and pain to anxiety, nausea and sleep issues.  And of course, it FEELS good!  That is often reason enough for most pregnant clients!

Pregnancy Massage

Before you book a pregnancy massage

If you’re considering treatment, there are some things to know prior to making a booking.  Some conditions during pregnancy are contra-indicated – that is they may be reasons why massage would not be best for you or your baby.  High-risk pregnancies or clients at high risk of miscarriage should seek consent from their specialist prior to making a booking.  If in doubt at all, please double check to ensure it is safe, as your health is our priority.

During a pregnancy massage, clients are treated in either a seated or side-lying position, depending on comfort levels.  Techniques are adapted to suit the changes going on in the body, particularly as the pregnancy progresses.  Did you know that your blood volume increases by around 50% and clots easier during pregnancy?  For a therapist that means lighter, slower techniques throughout the legs.

Another question that is often asked is what about massage in the first trimester?  This is the time when the risk of miscarriage is at its highest, and therefore some therapists will not treat clients in the early stages.  Be aware that there is no evidence of a link between massage and miscarriage, and therefore this consideration is mostly a precaution.  Our rule of thumb in clinic is to seek consent from a specialist where doubt exists, to inform clients of any potential risk massage may place on them and their baby and always ensure clients have the final choice to proceed.

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