Privacy policy

Hands from Heaven massage clinic privacy policy

At Hands from Heaven we take your privacy seriously. The personal information we collect is for the purpose of your treatment with us, we do not share or sell any of your personal information.

Appointment Bookings

Appointments can be made online using our real-time Electronic Appointment Diary or by phoning our reception.

Appointment Reminders

If you book online (and include your mobile number), you will receive a courtesy reminder text message to your mobile phone the day before your appointment.

Late Appointments

We do our very best to run on time and therefore we ask that you arrive at clinic on time for your scheduled appointment. If you are running late, your appointment may be shortened to ensure there is no inconvenience to other clients following your appointment.

New Clients

If you are a new client, please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time to fill out a Confidential Client History Form. All new patients are given a Confidential Health History form to complete, at their first visit. This helps us build a personal Treatment Plan specifically for you. One of the questions on the Confidential Health History form allows you to add the name of the person who referred you (if applicable).

Referral Reward Program*

A FREE 60-minute Massage for YOU for every 5 referrals that identify you as their reason for coming to this clinic. If you are happy with what we can do for you, please spread the word, and tell all your family, friends, work colleagues, and sports teammates.

  • The new client MUST nominate your name as their referrer so that your profile gets the recognition.
  • When you receive a Referral Rewards Voucher it will be valid for 3 months from the date of issue – this will be clearly noted on the voucher.
  • You can gift your voucher to a friend or family member, but it MUST be produced at the time of the appointment for it to be recognised and redeemed.

Loyalty Discount*

The very core of the Loyalty Discount is to encourage you to look after yourself a little more. We understand that people are busy and finding time for yourself can be difficult, but by looking after yourself, you’ll be better able to look after other people such as your family.

When you come back for follow-up treatment (or a maintenance massage) within 28 days (or 4 weeks) of your last appointment, we will give you a $10 discount on any of our available massages, (at relevant standard or concession prices).

  • The Loyalty Discount is a 28-day or 4-week cycle – NOT 1 calendar month.
  • This is a continuous and ongoing discount while you continue to come in every 28 days or sooner.

Gift Vouchers

Any and all vouchers purchased (or earned) through this clinic are denoted for a ‘Duration of Time’ as opposed to ‘An amount of Money’

  • YOU CAN purchase a Gift Voucher for a 30/45/60/90-minute massage
  • YOU CANNOT purchase a Gift Voucher for an amount of money (i.e. $25.00, $50.00, etc).
  • All Gift Vouchers are priced according to our Standard Pricing Structure – Concession Rates, Loyalty Discounts, and Health Fund Rebates DO NOT APPLY to Gift Vouchers.
  • All vouchers sold (or earned) through this clinic are VALID for SIX (6) MONTHS from the DATE of PURCHASE/ISSUE – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Vouchers sold or issued by this clinic ARE NOT Refundable, or Redeemable for Cash – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If a voucher remains un-used 4 weeks before it is due to expire, we offer a Reminder Call to prompt redemption of the voucher. Therefore, NO COMPENSATION will be offered by this clinic if a voucher expires unused.


*Our Loyalty Discount and Referral Reward Program are initiatives of this clinic, and therefore apply to all appointments across all therapists. Neither benefit is restricted or isolated to any specific therapist.

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