Remedial massage

What makes remedial massage different from any other massage?

When it comes to massage – in very basic terms, all massage techniques originate from the Swedish relaxation techniques taught in every massage course, wherever you learn it. Swedish is the cornerstone of massage techniques.

When you study a Diploma (or higher level) of massage therapy, you are taught to assess your client before and after every treatment so that you can gauge the benefit of your treatment for their complaint. An assessment process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Orthopaedic tests (these are similar to what a physiotherapist would do)
  • Observation of how your body moves
  • Discussion (Q&A) about your presenting condition, injury, or pain presentation
  • Palpation of how your muscles feel (tight, toned, relaxed, etc.)

It’s this assessment process that makes a massage ‘remedial’ – and why you can claim Remedial Massage on private health insurance but not Relaxation Massage.

The more information you can give us, and the more descriptive you can be about your complaint (frequency, intensity, when it started, etc), the better we can help you resolve your problem and help you feel better.

Deep Tissue Massage – For postural balancing and realignment

Deep Tissue Massage uses slow strokes that can be considered very similar to Swedish strokes.  As the name implies, the strokes are applied with greater pressure to deeper layers of musculature than Swedish massage.  This technique could be viewed as the connecting link between Swedish and Sports Massage.

For people who recognize that they have developed poor postural habits, and that their poor posture may be causing aches and pains or headaches, Deep Tissue Massage might be the answer for them.  Treating the deeper layers of musculature, coupled with regular stretching, can re-sculpt your posture, and help you feel the best you have felt in a long time.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage – For pre or post event and injury management for optimum performance and recovery.

Sports Massage is the application of purposefully timed massage techniques targeted to specific muscles or muscle groups. This style of massage can reduce muscular soreness and improve recovery time; provide prevention of and/or treatment for athletic injuries; and enhance athletic performance. Treatment is always individually tailored to your sport and/or personal needs.

Whether you identify as a serious athlete, someone who enjoys social games of sport, or someone who enjoys an active approach to health and fitness, a sports massage (remedial massage) can help you stay on top of your game.  Everyone services their car regularly to maintain peak performance, so why not adopt the same attitude with your body!

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