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Looking for a remedial or a relaxation massage?

Massages are what we do best!

All our remedial massage therapists have a Diploma of Remedial Massage as a minimum qualification. This means our therapists are formally and professionally qualified to provide multiple styles of massage. It also ensures that you can claim (on remedial massages only) a rebate from your health fund.

We tailor every massage to the individual to meet their specific needs on the day, and sometimes that means utilising more than one style or technique during a massage. We also recognise that every person is individual, and your needs may very well be different from the person before you – and the person after you.  Whatever works best for YOU is what we will deliver, ensuring best value for you!

The choice is yours to mix-and-match between whatever styles you like, but we ask you to remember this one thing -We will always tailor your treatment to best satisfy what you need today – and try to give you everything you want – but please don’t leave it go too long between massages because we may not be able to do everything in one session.

Our free gift to you

We give every client a complimentary bag of Epsom Salts after their treatment. This will help your circulatory system evacuate metabolic waste from your body, and help you feel much better. Here’s how we recommend you use your free bag of Epsom Salts.

Simply increase your water intake for a few hours after your massage (1 glass extra per hour – on top of what you would usually drink – for a couple of hours) and then take the time to relax into a nice, hot Epsom Salts bath. The extra water you drink will elevate your circulatory volume (give you a little more blood in your veins). The hot bath will stimulate your general circulation.

All this will help the magnesium content of the salts to absorb more easily through your skin and help the metabolic waste that was liberated by your massage to evacuate your body, so you feel more relaxed for longer.

The last part of this post-massage self-care regime is to stretch all the areas gently but thoroughly where you feel (or felt) tension in your body. This will again promote circulation in your ‘trouble areas’ and assist the evacuation of metabolic waste, but more importantly it will help regain flexibility in your muscles, which will in turn help reduce the recurrence of muscular tensions. Sounds simple, but it works!

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Book in for any of our massages. We operate 7-days a week from our Brisbane clinic in the suburb of Stafford.

If you are happy and satisfied with the service and expertise we provide, please spread the joy, and tell all your family, friends, and colleagues about how we have helped you feel better… and of course, please also let us know – everybody likes to feel appreciated.

What We Do